About SEH

The Societas Europaea Herpetologica (SEH) is a society of nearly 350 members (professional and non-professional herpetologists) from European and other countries.

  • SEH publishes a quarterly journal Amphibia-Reptilia and Herpetology Notes, an open access online journal. Every other year SEH organises an international conferences at different venues in Europe at which members can participate at reduced fee.
  • SEH is an international non-governmental member of IUCN - the World Conservation Union.
  • SEH is controlled by its statutes and by-laws, and the Council, whose members are elected by members of the Society at Ordinary General (Business) Meetings.
  • SEH has three committees. The Conservation Committee, the Mapping Committee and the Taxonomic committee.
  • SEH annually awards the SEH Grant in Herpetology (up to EUR 2000) to a project that is orientated to conservation of the amphibians and reptiles of Europe and the Mediterranean basin, focused on either a species or habitat.
  • SEH has Herp-Net a mailing list dedicated to the exchange of information about Amphibians and Reptiles.